More to Recycle


There’s a mini recycling center in my trunk. It’s full of collected items that are easy to recycle, just not in our curbside bin.

I have: 
1. my reusable shopping & produce bags
2. a bag of glass for Target
3. a bag of plastic bags and foam trays for Publix 
4. a bag of #5 plastic for my dear friend Mollie & her shredder (or participating Whole Foods in the Gimme5 bin!)

Today I stopped by Target on the way to work. The bins at our store are right by the restrooms. So easy! *clink*


It’s also super easy to recycle your plastic bags and foam cartons and trays at Publix and several other stores. I collect any plastic grocery sacks, bread bags, deflated air-filled plastic packaging (not bubble wrap), wrappers around paper towels, TP, etc. and stuff them right in the bin on my way in to shop. We wash out any styrofoam containers and do the same! 

So I don’t forget to actually drop them off, after I accumulate a small amount I put them in my reusable shopping bags in the car. 


Many products have this recycling label on them...they are so helpful! website and symbols tell you where to recycle and how to break down multi-material packaging for recycling. 

I found out I can take this Amazon bag to Publix or Target and recycle it with my other plastic bags.

Check it out: