Welcome to The 12 Challenge! At This One Good Life, we believe that intentionality is one of the keys to living a meaningful and fulfilling life and #The12Challenge is a perfect way to do that! We know that the majority of people 80% quit their new years resolutions by February. We believe this is because we set goals that are too big, for too long with too little support. So….

The challenge is simple: Each month we (Bryant and Stephen) will start a 30 day journey focusing on one meaningful and achievable goal. We begin on the first day of each month and end on the last, at the end of each month we will evaluate how we did, what we learned and set the focus for the next month. (Also, if you did not start this in January it is no problem! Just begin at the first of any month in 2019!)

We want to do this journey with you! We all know that when we work towards goals together, with accountability and encouragement we all do better. With this in mind we are inviting you to join us on this journey by telling us via Email, Facebook or Instagram your focus that each month. A community will build around all of our goals and we can help each other live this one good life, together!

Here is how to Start:

  1. Sit down and reflect on the things in your life that you want to: change, improve, focus on, experiment with or even try for the first time. Brainstorm without consequence!

  2. Narrow your list down to 12 individual goals, make sure they are attainable in 30 days, i.e. Do not say I want to lose 30 pounds this month but maybe say I want to drop 2 pants sizes or 3 pounds or only eat fried food 1 day a week this month.

  3. Plot the 12 goals over the next 12 months, think about how each goal will work in that month, time of year and your rhythm of life.

  4. Post your list on one of our social media accounts and start chronicling your journey with the hashtag #The12Challenge, make sure to tag us in your posts as well

  5. Find some other friends, challenge them to do the same and begin this journey to a better life, a better year, and a better you!

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